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New Christian Rock/Worship artist Tommy Payne has just released his new project! He’s a family man and a man of God. He teamed up with with co-writer/producer Ben Calhoun of Citizen Way & Generosity Rocks to create a familiar yet new sound that you will immediately fall in love with. In the style of artists like Zach Williams, Rhett Walker and 7eventh Time Down, you’ll find yourself encouraged and inspired.

Review by Grace Chaves


The Perfect Blend of Worship and Rock
Posted June 24, 2020 
By GraceChaves_NRT, Staff Reviewer  

What You Need To Know
Tommy Payne is a brand new artist from North Carolina. He's a worship leader, ordained minister and songwriter. In addition, he also sings at prisons, detention centers and halfway houses. He's part of Ben Calhoun of Citizen Way's program Generosity Rocks, which is an organization that empowers musicians and inspires generosity. Tommy's new EP Freedom is his debut record, which features 5 fresh, new worship songs.

What it Sounds Like
Tommy describes his music as "worship rock," and that's just what it is! It's worship music with a new sound and perspective in every song. It's different from the stereotypical worship music we hear in church every week, yet could very easily be added to a church's worship set. The instruments used on this EP really compliment Tommy's voice, and really brings out his sound. This new EP could be described as "reinvented worship music."

Spiritual Highlights
A repeated theme throughout this record is how we have freedom in Christ (hence the name of the album, Freedom!). From Tommy's song "Free," to his song "Welcome Home," they all speak of our freedom in Christ. It says in John 8:36 (NIV), "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." I love that this theme is all throughout this album! It's a message that we all need to hear as followers of Christ.

Best Song on the Record
The best song on the record would have to be "My Jesus Loves Me!" It's such a fun and upbeat song. It's a reminder that we truly don't deserve God's love, yet He freely gives it to us anyways. It's a nod to the old hymn "Jesus Loves Me," but with a fun and upbeat spin. "I could never deserve a love that saved a wretch like me/I remember the price you paid/all the sacrifice you made that day on Calvary/I'm so glad my Jesus loves me."

For Fans Of
Zach WilliamsKutlessSeventh Day Slumber

Final Word
Overall, Tommy Payne released a great new worship album! It's unique and different from the regular genre of worship. If you love both worship and rock, this album is for you! You can stream it now on Apple Music and Spotify.

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